Scripting Web interface 5.0 installation.

To auto install web interface sites, sitemgr.exe must be ctxapp12used. the below script will create a default website for XenApp services and will also create a PNAgent site.

The pre Requisits for this script are:

·         Installation of IIS 6.0 +

·         Installation of .net framework 3.5

·         Installation of J#

·         Installation of Citrix access management console framework (and web interface component).

·         Installation of citrix web interface.

Configure your variables for the management servers and farm names, then save the below as a batch file:

set sitemgrdir=C:Program FilesCitrixWeb Interface5.0.1
set mgmtservers=server0001;server0002
set farmname=farm01

“%sitemgrdir%”sitemgr.exe -c “WIDest=1:/Citrix/XenApp,Config=local,XMLService=%mgmtservers%,farmname=%farmname%,XMLSPort=80,WIDefaultSite=yes”‘)/?
“%sitemgrdir%”sitemgr.exe -c “PNADest=1:/Citrix/PNAgent,Config=local,XMLService=%mgmtservers%,farmname=%farmname%,XMLSPort=80″‘)/?

The script in full can be downloaded here

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