Decrapifying the Citrix Web Interface (5.4)

If like me, you like to remove the majority of the Citrix Branding from the web interface, you may find this post useful. Below I’ve broken the web interface down into the 6-7 components that are modifiable and given instruction on how to remove, or replace the images / tag lines.

This blog post would not have been possible without the hard work by the guys on the Citrix forums:

Below you will find a break down of the seperate web interface components, and the numbers I’ve allocated to them, I’ve used the login screen as a template, as this contains all the images / taglines you will see on the web interfaces different screens.

Note: The image names containing “Dark” or “logged off” are specifically for the logged off screen. You’ll find both gif (for older browsers ) and png files for each of the different images.

1: Header logo.

To remove the logo from the top of the page, find the below entry in and add the bolded text:

#headerLogo {
padding: 11px 0 11px 18px;
display: none;}

To use a custom graphic instead of the default, modify the following files:


(there’s no dark logo for this file)

2: Product graphic.

This product graphic can be either XenApp or XenDesktop depending on your installation. To remove the product graphic, find the below entry in and add the bolded text:

#horizonTop img {
padding-top: 75px;
Display: none;

To use a custom image in place of the product graphic, modify the following files:

For XenApp:


For XenDesktop:


3: Devices.

The devices image appears to the left and right of the login window. To remove the Devices graphic, find the below entry in and add the bolded text:

.horizonPage .mainPane {
position: relative;
top: -120px;
background: none;
color: white;
padding: 0;
overflow: auto;

To replace the devices image with a custom image, modify the following files:


5: Tagline.

To remove the tagline “your windows desktop and apps on demand – from any pc”, find the below entry in and add the bolded text:

#horizonTagline {
color: #F2F2F2;
font-size: 180%;
font-weight: normal;
margin: 50px 0 0 0;
padding-bottom: 10px;
text-align: center;
display: none;

To enter a custom tagline, find the below entry in C:Program Files (x86)CitrixWeb and replace the bolded text with your custom message.

HorizonTagline=Your Windows desktops and apps on demand – from any PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.


The footer on the web interface site is made up of potentially two components, the Citrix footer logo and the hdx logo. If you wish to indiscriminately remove both from the login page, find the below entry in and add the bolded text:

text-align: center;
padding-bottom: 10px;
display: none;

#footer p
padding: 10px 0;
display: none;

6: Citrix Logo

The Citrix footer logo appears at the bottom of most web interface pages. To remove the logo, find the below entry in and add the bolded text:

#footer img
padding: 0 8px;
vertical-align: middle;
display: none;

To replace the footer citrix logo with a custom graphic, modify the following files:


7: HDX logo

The HDX footer appears at the bottom of the login page. To remove the logo, find the below entry in and add the bolded text:

.horizonPage #hdxLogo {
display: none;

To replace the HDX logo with a custom graphic, modify the following files:


And that’s it! hopefully with the above info you can remove the unsightly self advertisement and replace it with something unique to your organisation.

If you spot anything additional you would like to remove, drop me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

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71 Comments About “Decrapifying the Citrix Web Interface (5.4)

  1. Kong

    Great post. this post help me with my WI 5.4. Thanks.

    i’m experiencing a slow web page load. It takes about 1 minute to load the page. Do any of you experience this? How do i fix this? Your help is appreciated.


  2. Lee Suddeath

    Is there any way that you know of to remove or change the hyperlink for the footer logo? I’ve tried changing it in, but it always breaks the site.

  3. James Cunningham

    Thanks for the info Andrew, this has been a great help. I would put 2 hyperlinks with icons on each side of the login page, where the devices img lie. Have you done this before? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Andrew Morgan

      Hi joe, I haven’t done an article on access gateway, let me know which access gateway you wish to customize, including which you would like to remove / add and I’ll throw something together.

    1. Scott

      Thanks for your help…
      I found how he did this:

      Search for

      add the below red text:


      if (viewControl.getShowLoginTypeOptions()) {


      To modify the welcome message, username, password and domain name prompt, see below: this file is located in:

      C:Program FilesCitrixWeb
      Look for LoginWelcomeTitle

      The expanding of the login page is tricky, the easiest way to expand the login box is to utilise a long login message.

  4. T. Nguyen

    I setup the login form to accept the UPN only, is there a way to change the “User Name” label to “E-Mail Address”?

    1. T. Nguyen

      Found the answer:

      Modify the CProgram Files (x86)CitrixWeb

      # General Authentication
      UserName=User name:

      >> Change to: UserName=E-Mail Address:

  5. Jacky

    Hi Andrew,

    Great article. Thanks.

    i have the same problem as Kong above. i experience a slow web page load. It takes about 1 minute to load the page. Is there a way to fix this? The web interface slowly load the first time each morning.

    Thanks for your help in advance!

  6. Jacky

    Thanks Andrew.

    I will give this a try and will let you know.

    Also, i have published “notepad” on my farm. When i login to the Citrix web page and launch “notepad” app i see a quick flash of the windows server desktop before it open “notepad” app. This also occur when i logout as well. It look like sort of login and logout of the server from RDP. Is there a way to fix it. Thanks a lot for your help.

    1. IronVarmint

      I’m in the process of customizing my interface to use an all white background, completely removing the Citrix crap. I have a similar issue on one of my two WI servers, but can’t find the setting that is different (I’ve diff’ed the entire folder.)

      The flash I get is of the gray gradient banding above and below the login box. It happens on login, probably during the detection phase. The same banding appears on the logout of one of my WI sites even though the site code and images are exactly the same. After the diff, I ran an rsync with –delete to check everything was clean. If I can determine an image is used for the upper and lower , I’ll simply rename it or or create a white replacement.

      I imagine part of this issue deals with the way each IE version occasionally ignore different CSS directives, but I’m not an HTMLer so tracking it down is going to be a tough. I’ve got a list of settings that I’ll have to post up later when complete.

      Thanks for the site, Andrew!

    1. Jacky

      Thanks for replying.

      Is there a way to make the Logon text message bigger and change the text to a different color code (from white to blue or red) ? Thanks.

  7. Alain


    I found in the where to change the Logon Message Text. At the top of the document look for the body section.

    I changed:

    color: #2C2D31;
    color: #FFFFFF

    Now my text in the Logon message box is white. I do not know if this will effect all text on the page.


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  9. Andy

    I have been looking at customising the “loading.html” page at the root of the website.
    For new client connecting whilst is discovers the receiver client, this page can display for a period of time.
    I have been trying to remove the gradient background to replace with all white but cannot find the right value to customise. Can anyone confirm this?

  10. Chris

    If you also want to change the links in the footer, modify:

    Change these to whatever you want:
    private static final String FOOTER_LINK_APPS = “”;
    private static final String FOOTER_LINK_DESKTOPS = “”;
    private static final String HDX_LINK = “”;

  11. joe obyrne

    You are a legend Andrew, thank you so much for this post and all other posts. You have made my life as a novice in Xen App much much more palitable and reinvigorated my passion for all things simple in IT. Thank you. I will be testing your Thin Kiosk shortly and will post you my findings asap.

  12. Sara

    This information is great! I removed #5 line, but now want to get rid of the big space between the logon box and the footer. I’m also looking to make the footer font a bit larger. Any help would be great.

  13. Nick Leon

    Excellent article! I was able to remove all the branding without problems but how can I change the background itself and replace it with a custom background image?

  14. Connie

    Excellent article! Thank you so much! I’d like to change the width of the system message area on the logon page to make it wider.

  15. CitrixUser12

    How do I leave the Citrix and HDX logos in place but only remove the hyperlinks to prevent users from navigating to those sites? Should I modify the file and if so, what is the correct syntax to remove only the hyperlinks? I’ve tried to remove the links but that crashes the page.

      1. CitrixUser12

        Also wondered if anyone knows how to redirect a user to the usage agreement page when they log out as opposed to the logon page. Ideally, there would be a confirmation after logging out that says you have been successfully logged out click here to log into Citrix or if nothing else, just a simple redirect to the usage agreement page instead of the logon page. This is helpful for kiosks where the browser session remains open constantly.

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  17. Andy

    Does anyone know if they can customise the ‘loading’ page that sometimes appears on a client before they hit the ‘PreLoginMessage.aspx’ page?

    On the main WI page I hide all the desktop devices and have a plain white background (item 3 in the guides) but on the loading page all these items still show up briefly on occasions until the main site has loaded…


      1. Drew


        I believe the files you are looking for are:


        I was getting the pesky “Devices.png” graphic popping up briefly before the login page. I finally found I had to edit all three of these to nix it.

        Hope this helps!

  18. KC

    Anyone know how to add the USERNAME that is currently logged in to the web interface to be displayed on the top bar? I’ve done this in previous version but cannot seem to find a hack for this version.

  19. Dan Jordan

    Hi, I was wondering on the webinterface can I publish word
    documents with step by step intructions for the users to

  20. Visitor

    Good Job.
    Just missing how to remove the CitrixXenapp Logo after logged out .

    Webiste-> Citrix/XenApp/auth/loggedout.aspx

  21. Kenny

    Thanks Andrew this has been a great help! I was able to change out the with my company banner logo and would like this to also show up on the Applications page in the same location (div id=horizonTop). How can I do that? The website I’ve posted is our existing older version.

  22. Scott

    Great article Andrew. Question, any idea how to remove the “Problems Connecting?” link from the Desktops tab? This is shown after folks log into web interface and click on the “Desktops” tab. We would prefer to remove this option as we don’t want users attempting to restart their virtual desktops. Any feedback would be great. Thanks

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  24. Saravana

    Thanks for the share, Awesome article.

    I have one small question?

    How can we create the new navigation link on Top (header) of the WI beside Settings/Messages tab ?


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