App-V Launcher, an application to quickly troubleshoot in the App-V bubble.

Note: This post has been updated to include an executable for AppV 5 along with the source code if you wish to see how to interact with powershell from .Net.

So here’s your scenario, you’re knee deep in an App-V roll out and a user reports a bizarre issue with a virtual application. You need to get into the bubble to have a look around and the process normally goes something like this:

  • “what’s that command again?”
  • open up a browse and search for it… oh yes, its “sfttray.exe /exe cmd.exe ” and the application name at the end…
  • what’s the application name? oh yes, its a combination of the original application name and the particular version number… “theres no way I can remember that!”
  • launch the sftcmc.msc, and try to find the correct application out of a potentially very long list.
  • copy the name into the command line and pray you don’t close that cmd window soon.

This process always slows me down, so I wrote the following little program to get over this issue, enter App-V Launcher:

This application enumerates cached Microsoft App-V applications and presents you with a list to choose from. Once you select the application you want to work with, you can simply type the executable you need to use inside of the bubble and you can troubleshoot to your hearts content.

Below you’ll find the pre req’s, supported platforms and download. I’ve also included the source code should you need to tweak it to suit your implementation.

I have tested this on:

  • Windows server 2008 r2 with App-V 4.6 sp1
  • Windows server 2003 r2 (x86) with App-V 4.5


  • Microsoft .Net framework 3.5 (.Net 4.0 for appv 5 launcher)

Updated for App-V 5:

I’ve updated the package for app-v 5, cleaner UI and now relies on the powershell commands.


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8 Comments About “App-V Launcher, an application to quickly troubleshoot in the App-V bubble.

    1. Andrew Morgan

      Hi John,

      Thanks for taking the time to post, I agree that The Login Consultants tool is very powerful.

      The main problem I have with ACDC is the time it can take to launch / enumerate on a system with a large portfolio of packages. In my XenApp environment this program takes over 90 seconds to enumerate our list of App-V packages.

      The idea behind App-V launcher is for it to be as lightweight as possible to allow for quick and easy troubleshooting. I was not aiming to replace ACDC ;)

  1. Ed

    This is and has been a very useful and helpful tool – thank you. Are there plans to make it Appv5 compatible?


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