Report Access Gateway connections using Citrix Edgesight, based on user groups.

I’ve covered this topic before, and with my previous solution you had the ability to report all access gateway connections natively through edgesight with ease. Recently though, as a service provider our customers have started requesting their own reports on user login details.

With the request in hand, I went back to the drawing board and attempted to Re-Engineer this task with limited success. In the end the quickest solution I found was to simply modify the “Session Details for a User Group” report to include the query I covered in my previous copy.

This wasn’t without peril, many of the labels will cease to work when you re-upload your report, so there was quite a bit of manual intervention to make the report pretty again.

I do intend to follow up with a powershell script to help populate Edgesight user groups from active directory. Check back later or follow me on twitter for updates.

I’ve shared this report file below for anyone to use and below you will find the steps to take in order to complete this task.

Note: Ensure you have configured your Access Gateway Web Interfaces to differenciate access gateways connections, I covered this before here:

1: Download the file here from and place it somewhere you can easily access from your browser:

2: Open your browser and login to your edgesight instance:

3: Once logged in, choose the Configure tab:

4: From the left hand menu, Choose Custom Reports:

5: Choose Upload a Report:

6: Browse to your file, then fill in the details as below, Click Upload:

7: Confirm your new report has been uploaded, then click the report to do a test run:


Select your Desired values, then click Go:


the output show appear as below (account details have been omitted):


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