Retrieve adobe flash version with PowerShell

Just a quick powershell script to start the year.

I recently needed to audit the version of adobe flash on the machines a script was running. This code was originally written for visual studio but translates well to powershell.

to retrieve the version of adobe flash on the local machine, use get-adobeflashversion. The code for the get-adobeflashversion can be found below:

[sourcecode language=”Powershell”]
function get-adobeflashversion{
$flashobject = new-object -ComObject "shockwaveflash.shockwaveflash"
$version=(($flashobject.getvariable("`$version")).replace(",",".")).trimstart("WIN ")
write-warning "Could not create Com Object, are you sure Adobe Flash is installed?"
return $version

4 Comments About “Retrieve adobe flash version with PowerShell

  1. Dean132

    Hi this is great thanks very much, how do I get this to run against a list of computers, when I try this

    Get-Content C:AdobeUpdateflashservers.txt | get-adobeflashversion

    it only returns the flash version on the local computer rather than all those in the txt file

    1. Andrew Morgan

      That’s complicated, first you would have to change the function to accept an array, then you would need to use remoting to open a session with the remote computer and send the flash version back to the local client.



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