Forcing a XenApp Application to open with the Citrix Desktop Viewer using the Default.ica

This post is just a quick FYI for use with ThinKiosk. This also works great with RES Workspace Manager desktop’s published as applications. Although RES no longer recommend using the publishing option in RES, many customers still use Workspace Manager as a published application.

The Citrix Desktop Viewer adds great functionality to users, allowing users to configure preferences, send [Ctrl] [Alt] [Del], quickly jump between fullscreen and windowed mode etc.

To force an application to open using the Desktop viewer, add the following code to your default.ica file:

[RES PowerFuse Desktop - RESPF]

Where “RES PowerFuse Desktop – RESPF” is your application name.

this will appear as below:

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  1. Antony

    Hello Andrew, do you know how to customize Citrix Desktop Viewer. I just need to remove the Window button next to the preference one. This way i can prevent users from minimising their apps windows.



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