Location of the Default.ica file in Citrix VDI in a Box.

Just in case you wondered, or need to configure options not available in the admin gui, the default.ica file can be found under the following path:



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5 Comments About “Location of the Default.ica file in Citrix VDI in a Box.

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  2. Jinder

    how do you get to this file /home/kvm/kvm/install/servlet_container/webapps/dt/WEB-INF/etc/proto.ica

    I’m new to to vdi in a box

  3. Jinder

    Thanks Andrew

    How can I change the background ( image) of citrix receiver. Do I need linux commands to this. I am using vdi in a box.


  4. Jinder

    Hi Andrew

    How to create custom login screen using vdi in a box?

    Where is file held on vdi in a box?

    Where is this file on vdi in a box cssDefault.htm.style.min.css




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