Silently installing the Citrix Edgesight ActiveX plugin

Just a really quick blog post on how to silently install the reporting agent inside your environment.

Log into a server / client without the EdgeSight plugin installed, and browse to the edgesight website. Once logged in, you will receive the usual prompt to install the software:

Install the software and ensure it works, then fire up a command prompt and browse down to “c:windowsdownloaded program files”. Once in this folder, a DIR will reveal the ActiveX plugin “csmdbprov.dll”.

Now simply copy this file out to shared storage:

Once done, now its scripting time!

Below are two examples in batch (.bat , .cmd) or PowerShell (.ps1) for achieving this:

(please amend h:csmdbprov.dll to the path you use)


[sourcecode language=”text”]
copy h:csmdbprov.dll "c:windowsdownloaded program files"
regsvr32 /s "c:windowsdownloaded program files"


[sourcecode language=”powershell”]
if (test-path h:csmdbprov.dll){
copy-item H:csmdbprov.dll ‘C:WindowsDownloaded Program Files’ -Force
start-process regsvr32 -ArgumentList "/s ""C:WindowsDownloaded Program Filescsmdbprov.dll""" -wait

3 Comments About “Silently installing the Citrix Edgesight ActiveX plugin

  1. Damian Stalls

    This is not specific to the plug-in on this article, but overall. I have a 2008 R2 RDS farm. I am unable to install an IE plug-in or add-on and have it available to all users. I am installing with the server in “Install” mode and still no luck. No plugins are available to the end users (java, crystal, ssrs, adobe, etc…). Any thoughts?

      1. Damian Stalls

        Yes I do. Thanks for responding, I feel like a fool. There was a problem initially, but after uninstalling all of the add-on and re-installing while in “install” mode did fix the problem a week ago. I just realized at 2:00am this morning while using PROCMON.EXE that my shortcut was launching the 64bit IE instead of the 32bit, DOH!


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