Customising the Citrix Receiver for Mac OS

Here’s a fun little customisation if you grow tired of the green bubbles of gloom.


The background above is a png file, with the following dimensions:

  • Height: 2048
  • Width: 1056

So if you want to replace this file, go find your replacement picture and ensure your picture is of a similar enough size.

Once you have a png file with similar enough dimensions, open the finder application, open the applications folder and right click the Citrix Receiver app,¬†choose “Show Package Contents”.

Browse down to: contents > resources


In this folder, you will find a file “backgroundImage_big_b.png”, before you start, rename this file to back it up.

Now simply copy your replacement file into this folder, using the above name:


And that’s it! You’ve now got a lovely custom Citrix Receiver:


PS: I wouldn’t try to do this with windows, the file is an embedded resource and would require resource hacker to change the file.


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      1. Clinton

        Thanks Andrew, I am looking as well and have not found it yet, we have modified pretty much everything else and it is a bit annoying that the client is the last problem.

        Thanks for your time.


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