New Module: Creating an RDP file password with PowerShell

Windows_PowerShell_iconHere’s something that is surprisingly tricky to automate in this day and age. Creating a password and storing it in an RDP file. I’m not here to debate the security “knock ons” of doing this, it’s not in my interest and if I’m asked to do something despite advice against it, I do it!

But as always I figured I’d share this feature in case anyone else needs it.

So RDP files encrypt a password in a very specific way and details online are cagey.This is something I set about doing myself and I’m happy to annouce I’ve included it in the following Free Powershell module for your use!

The module is very simple:


Importing the module:

Import-module RDS.Password.dll

Converting a string to a password:

Get-RDPPassword -Password "SomethingSecure"

This will give you an rdp password, pre formatted for an rdp file.


Optionally, you can include -ToClipboard to copy the text to the clipboard for easy copy -> paste into an RDP file.

Get-RDPPassword -Password "SomethingSecure" -ToClipboard

And that’s it, simply import the module and off you go.

If there is anything further you want to do with this, i.e. providing an RDP file to enter it into, accepting PSCredential as an argument or anything like that, get in contact and we’ll see what we can do!



This module is provided absolutely free of charge, using this module in a commercial product on the other hand is not condoned!

Also, don’t ask me to reverse it, i’m not going to do it.




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