Presentation: Netscaler Insight, a Brief introduction


During another Great E2EVC Conference, my friend Ronnie Hamilton and I presented a session on the greatness of Netscaler Insight and we planned to share the following presentation afterwards as there were a number of sizing recommendations and figures that didn’t lend themselves to a presentation!

In this presentation you’ll find the following topics:

  • What is Netscaler Insight.
  • Demo of insight data natively from Insight manager.
  • What’s it available in (licensing).
  • Deploying Insight in 5 minutes.
  • Integrating it into director.
  • How can it be deployed.
  • What’s new in version 11.
  • Netscaler Sizing Considerations.
  • Insight Manager Sizing considerations.

Download link.

A big thank you to Ronnie and E2EVC for the great trip. See you soon!


One Comment About “Presentation: Netscaler Insight, a Brief introduction

  1. Michael Janssen

    Important note:
    If you require Session Reliability in parallel to HDX Insight you have to use 10.5 or higher.
    Citrix is not willing to fix this long lasting issue in 10.1 (boo!)


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