Cannot Log into XenMobile 10.3 Appliance after initial deployment.

XM<FYI, this was resolved in version 10.3.5>

Here’s a horrendous bug I just came across in the field today while deploying a XenMobile 10.3 Proof of Concept with a customer.

Post the initial deployment of the OVF on vSphere, i ran the usual CLI wizard to IP the appliance and create the database. After restart the web ‘Administrator’ user account just would not accept the password i provided during the wizard.

On closer inspection of the database by comparing with my own lab (never POC without a LAB!) , the ‘administrator’ username was completely missing from the database under ‘dbo.security_principal’…dbo.security_principal

what the ‘crappity crap’ went wrong I don’t know. but I reproduced it 4 times in numerous tests.


I managed to find a workaround involving specifying a different username. I.E. delete your deployment and database and when the wizard prompts for the ‘administrator’ name with default value, specify something different.

In my case I specified ‘zdmadmin’ and this worked correctly allowing me to get the hell out in time for a Friday beverage.


I hope this helps anyone else facing this issue!


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    1. andyjmorgan Post author

      Technical term, i was going to go with my favourite ‘f’ four letter expletive but i’ve been given out to before about that :)

    2. Mike Meyer

      Encountered a very similar issue using the 9 to 10.1 migration wizard. New install of 10.1 was fine, administrator login was A-OK. After a100% successful migration, the console administrator account was disabled (or couldn’t be read) and would not work. Worked with Citrix Technical Support for weeks on the issue to no avail. We could manipulate the DB and see a newly entered password was being read, then encrypted successfully – but still no love. I replicated this migration issue several times. In the end, I had to rebuild from scratch. Thankfully this was a small deployment so didn’t pose too much of a problem. Massive bug somewhere in there. This seems eerily similar. Great post!


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