UnSticking an AppDisk provisioning task in XenDesktop 7.x preview

Here’s a wee little bug I’ve no idea how i created, but managed to clear it out anyway.

After creating an AppDisk, it got a little stuck. I tried deleting the task and AppDisk but the disk just seemed to be stuck in the “creating” phase indefinately.


To remove it, I had to do the following in Powershell from a delivery controller:

ASNP Citrix*
get-applibtask -active $true



Once i had identified the TaskID, i ran:

Stop-AppLibTask -TaskId 5be48afc-263b-454e-b3e9-5a2db6b966ff
remove-AppLibTask -TaskId 5be48afc-263b-454e-b3e9-5a2db6b966ff

Now just one last thing to do!


get-applibappdisk and find the entry in the “creating” state:AppLibDiskNow finish with a:

remove-AppLibAppDisk -AppDiskUid d54681d3-6d0a-4259-b3ee-b90a899033bd

using the DiskUid that you saw in the previous get-applibappdisk command.

Thats it!


if you find that the machine you usually use to capture app disks is no longer available. use the following command to release it:

set-BrokerMachine -IsReserved $false -MachineName <MachineName>

PS: I could have piped a lot of that, sure! but my mac pipe symbol is currently out of action so i did it the hard way. if you are the type who reads others blogs and leaves comments to improve the scripting, I’m sure there are new people on the Microsoft forums you could be bawking at right now.

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  1. akismet-99a51c203cd88f7139494bfc2e0ae840

    Nice one Andy !! Had the same bug on my Appdisk setup today – worked like a charm !!

    Think it may be down to me messing about with the power state of the VM and not letting Studio just do its thing !!

    Great find!!

    http://bretty.me.uk | @dbretty


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