While using the ShareFile mobile applications, NTFS last modified date is updated each time a user accesses an NTFS connector

Here’ssharefile a weird little bug I caught in the wild while deploying XenMobile Enterprise. While browsing NTFS shares, published as connectors in the ShareFile Mobile clients, or the ShareFile desktop application for windows, all the directories in the directory you are currently browsing will have their “Last Modified” timestamp updated as below: sharefilebug To resolve this issue, open the following file:


Add the following line the config:

<add key="disable-folder-permission-verification" value="1" />

Once added, recycle the StorageCenterAppPool in IIS as below: apppoolI have it on strong authority this will be resolved in a future build, but no promises. A big thank you to Dan Brinkmann, George Christophi and Citrix Support for this fix.

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