On accepting a new challenge with ControlUp

Working as a consultant and evangelist in the EUC space, I’ve always had a keen interest in monitoring and validation of user performance metrics. I’ll be honest though, after over a decade working in this market, it was really hard to find excitement or passion in this market. Monitoring was really just Monitoring and the flavours were similar at best!

While reviewing the market back in 2014 for a Citrix Partner, I selected ControlUp as the preferred solution for many reasons; since then, joining the ControlUp Advisory board and deploying the solution with customers, my passion for the product has really grown.

With ControlUp, administrators get what they need; tools to do their job, realtime visibility, and of course reports for the management types. In addition, with ControlUp’s truly unique, cloud based analytics and reporting approach with “ControlUp Insights“, the potential for this product is phenomenal.

In short, ControlUp is the management, monitoring and reporting tool I wish I had when I worked in administration!

Going forward, I’m delighted to announce I’ve entered into a part time agreement with ControlUp to work closely with the team, evangelizing that promise I saw in the product back in 2014, providing input on future versions and using the platform to provide interesting insights in blog posts and script based actions for the community.

This work has already begun with the PVS health check report Script based action, the Application Layering product comparison, XenDesktop 7.9 MCS IO feature overview and a new set of Script Based Actions based on deep process IO and Network usage I’m ironing the creases out of coming in the next few weeks.

Next week, I’ll be at E2EVC Dublin doing my thing with ControlUp, I hope you’ll pop by and say hi if you’re there!

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