Using the VMware Horizon API from c#

horizoniconSo here’s an ask I’ve had for well over a year, which i duly neglected until the mind of the brilliant Sean Massey decided to send me a PM on the vExpert EUC slack channel.

VMware Horizon’s API has been published for well over a year at this point over on but there’s two challenges with this API in my humble opinion:

A: it’s WAAAAY too developer orientated for a regular PowerShell consumer*

B: while it’s a fully fledged API it seems a bit shortsighted to only document how to use it from Powershell given that the full API is documented.

* oh don’t have such a high opinion of yourself, everyone complained, i have the emails to prove it!

I had attempted this a few times before, but my usual source of help, Remko was too busy to help me or I duly hit a problem and inevitably toddled off to do something else. Not this time! and with no Remko help! *pats self on the back*

Any-who, here’s the deal. Up to now, despite writing community tools for years, i had never actually figured out Github, so i decided now was the time.

Over on my new and shiny GitHub repo, you’ll find a sample project on how to utilize the Powercli libraries directly in c# for access to Horizon.

If you’re old-school and find this whole GitHub thing a bit much, I’ve included the source c# project here for download too!

Here’s a screenshot of the actual example utility for, y’know, pictures!



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2 Comments About “Using the VMware Horizon API from c#

  1. Jim Moyle

    Yeah just exporting the entire API into a single object wasn’t the *best* way to get round the fact that the previous PoSH didn’t have all the features :)

    1. Andrew Morgan

      The single object approach is interesting. It has pro’s and con’s. The github has examples for 90% of what you may want to do. But do ping me an email if you’re missing a step.


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