New VMware Fling – Horizon HelpDesk Agent

horizoniconJust a quick note on the blog that I’ve put together a new VMware fling, the first of many (hopefully!).

The VMware Horizon HelpDesk Agent is built on the Horizon HelpDesk API to be a more natural and fluid experience for windows administrators of Horizon. I’ve ensured that this application is as responsive and intuitive as possible by leveraging asynchronous calls where possible to ensure the user is rarely left waiting for responses.

With the HelpDesk Agent, you connect once and maintain your session throughout the day to the subscribed service, once you need it, you simply pull it up via keystroke and begin to search for the user you wish to assist or observe. I’ve optimised the search experience to remove some unnecessary steps and allowed quick access to the users data. You can maintain multiple open windows, access everything with simple key strokes, etc.

In addition to everything HelpDesk can do today, I’ve also added intelligence to measure the key performance metrics in the users session and provide a “Session Experience” metric to allow administrators to have an “at a glance” view of how the user is experiencing their session.

For a quick overview of the product here’s a quick video:

Wouter Kursten also wrote up a good overview here:

To get access to the utility or learn more, head over to the VMware labs site:


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