Through our collaboration with the virtualisation community we believe we have ensured that ThinKiosk is quite simply the best value PC to Thin Client converter in the market place. In terms of price, functionality and benefits delivered it cannot be beaten.


ThinKiosk is the first, windows based, software only, enterprise ready PC to Thin Client converter.

  • No dual boot
  • No need for USB keys that will be removed by users
  • You do not need to be a Linux expert
  • Your PC will not have to be re-installed
  • You won’t waste time and money fighting with client devices and other peripheral drivers
    It Just Works!

Download windows thin client software


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Save Money…Lots of Money!

  • Reduction in Capital Expenditure
  • Full ROI on Current Investment
  • Saving on Microsoft Licences
  • Reduction in Operating Expenditure
  • No Vendor Lock In
  • Thinking Green, Reducing Energy Costs
  • Help Ensure Your VDI Project Rolls Out Successfully


Simple Deployment

  • Easy Roll Back
  • Extremely Fast
  • Simple Log-in Method
  • Increase Your Security and Optimisation – Out of Box


ThinKiosk and Configuration

  • Protected Key Strokes
  • Make Administrators Lives Easier (And Productive!)


MagicFilter Technology

  • Full PC Lockdown
  • Central Management
  • Easy Trouble Shooting
  • Seamless Integration
  • Easy Upgrade Road Map
  • Fully Integrated Browser
  • Help Ensure User Satisfaction