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Announcing the ThinKiosk v4 Release


Thinkiosk Version 4.0 is the culmination of 9 months hard work, rebuilding ThinKiosk in a new development style to include the enterprise features many of you requested, adding a management server, secure key redirection technologies, local group policy control and a number of other features. After weeks of rigorous testing we’re delighted to announce the availability of ThinKiosk version 4… Today!

With the release of Version 4.0 we’re lifting the cloak on the company we’ve setup in order to support and further develop ThinKiosk, ThinScale Technology. We’ve set up ThinScale as a little software company to publish applications to the virtualisation community, tackling the smaller issues and annoyances we face day to day as consultants and administrators. More clever little products are in the pipeline, but for now enough about the company! Continue reading

ThinKiosk 2.0 Release!

It gives me great pleasure (and relief!) to announce ThinKiosk 2.0’s release.

Version 2.0 is a complete rework of the code as I adopted some standards, a big thank you again to Pierre Marmignon for taking the time to point me in the right direction!


ThinKiosk 2.0 is stuffed with new features and supported platforms, here’s a quick list:

  • Enterprise Software Support options.
  • New Supported VDI solutions.
  • Power Management.
  • Offline Configuration tool.
  • Custom Title.
  • Site selection list.
  • Custom tools menu.
  • Home Button.
  • Local Printer management.
  • Desktop Mode (log off the web interface when a session starts).
  • Auto log off redirect.
  • Best practice group policies settings.
  • Group Policy to lock down everything!

For full information on the changes, see the About and Features pages.

To grab a copy and start playing, go here: (note, recreate the group policies in a new OU)

A big thank you to my translators and Beta testers, there was just too many of you to mention!