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Customising the Error messages on Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise

As with most software solutions, advising the user to “contact the system administrator” may seem logical in the lab, but in the real world most users haven’t a clue who their system administrator is! He’s a collection of a number of individuals or just one sheepish person that doesnt need to be exposed to the user for every little password issue.

The Citrix access gateway suffers this pet peeve of mine and recently I was asked to set about changing this wording of this error to include a custom message.

To do so, load up winscp and connect to your Primary netscaler*.

*note i said primary, dont spend wasted time troubleshooting your secondary netscaler like this idiot did :(

Browse to /netscaler/ns_gui/vpn

Right click and edit the login.js file.

Find the string you wish to modify as below:

Enter the new text you wish to see, then save the file back to the netscaler.

Clear your internet preferences and test!

To keep your settings after a netscaler restart, check the following article from Citrix: CTX122271

To modify the second password field to be pin and token, please see the following article: CTX126206