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Enabling & Disabling RES WM / Powerfuse tracing with Powershell

citrxready-ressoftware-300x199Happy scripting Friday!

I wrote this script in batch donkeys ago and have been looking for a good excuse to rewrite it in PowerShell. Today was that day!

Here is two very simple powershell functions to enable and disable tracing for either WorkSpace Manager or Powerfuse on x86 or x64 platforms. Theres also tons of checks for funny business.


Thanks to Dennis Van Dam from RES Software for the tip that the users must be able to write to the tracefile, I’ve updated the scripts to include setting the ACL and I’ve also packaged the scripts as an importable module. You can download this new file below.

The script enables logging by default to c:restrace.log and doesn’t delete the file after you disable tracing to ensure you send it to the experts.

The script will:

  • check for x64 or x86 architecture
  • Check if we’re running Workspace Manager or Powerfuse
  • create / delete the keys
  • Set the needed acl
  • Restart the service

At present this script can be run on remote systems using powershell remoting, if you want a native remote script without remoting dependencies just request it and I’ll start working on it. I had attempted something in visual studio a year or so ago and got sidetracked (bored).

Importing the module:

To import the module, simply run the below command (where $path is the path to the downloaded module).

import-module $pathRES.WorkspaceManager.Tracing.psm1

Command usage:


Enables tracing and saves the trace file to c:restrace.log

Enable-RESTracing -logfile c:temptrace.log

Enables tracing but overwrites the default log location of c:restrace.log to c:temptrace.log


Exactly what it says on the tin.


You can download this new module from here:

App-V applications hang for 30 seconds on a CMD box before opening

In our powerfuse environment we came across this problem recently.

When we would try to launch an App-V application the following window would open and remain open for 30 + seconds before finally opening the application:


The problem we discovered was to do with file type associations inside of the RES session, App-V by default will try to associate it’s file type associations for the application being sequenced and store them in the .osd file. The problem was that PowerFuse also controls file associations and this became an issue! PowerFuse has to be associated with the app and not vice versa.

I recommend you specify the file type associations inside of powerfuse and remove the associations inside of the App-V package. To remove the associations, open the .osd file and remove anything between the <FILEEXTENSIONLIST>  </FILEEXTENSION>:

After the link is an example.

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