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App-V preferences in a XenApp published desktop environment.

App-V user preferences are cleverly tucked away from the file system and registry, which works great for terminal services as you dont want conflicting applications running side by side and sharing registry or file system resources.

The only real problem with this structure comes to light when an application is in need of a reset, and the local c: drive is hidden. This results in the call from the helpdesk coming up the chain of support to the admins with rdp access to the desktop servers.

The users still have access to c: and if they had access to cmd a quick rd /s /q would get them over the issue and into a nice fresh App-V bubble again. So I decided to give the users / helpdesk a tool to manage these preferences themselves without needing access to cmd, or any other potentially elevated access.

I’ve named the tool App-V maint, it simply reads the users datadirectory from the registry, and populates the list box.

The users dont need any elevated priveledges to run it, and it only depends on .net framework 2.0.

To grab a copy head over here and download it.

If it doesnt work for you, or if you would like a similar product for a different folder, just let me know and we’ll work something out for free.

If you like the concept and dont mind getting your hands dirty with visual studio 2010, email me for the source code.