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Pulling detailed thin client reports from Igel’s UMS with Powershell.

I needed a full and detailed list recently of all Igel thin client devices and was disapointed with Igels built in views and reporting options. As with my previous Powershell and SQL scripts I set about getting into the Igel database and pulling the information I required.

This script is fairly “Niché” so I’ve not included my usual list of options and explanations, feel free to request more detail if needed.

This script will pull alot of useful information of the device, from mac address to firmware id and return a full table of contents from your Universal Management Server. as below:

This script only supports trusted connections, so the account you run the script as needs access to the database. If you need to configure non trusted connections, have a look at my Edgesight or SQL backup scripts for inspiration.

The only options you need to configure are the SQL servername and database name, these can be found at the start of the script as below:

The script itself can be found after the jump:

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Igel Database command mistake.

Despite Igels better judgement, the command they have published in their documentation to create an SQL database does not work. The command itself can be found here.

The actual working command is listed below, thanks to J Booker in Igel for the help.

USE rmlogin
CREATE LOGIN rmlogin with PASSWORD = ‘Passw0rd’
CREATE USER rmlogin with DEFAULT_SCHEMA = rmlogin
GRANT CONTROL to rmlogin