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Expanding – To the dark side.

Well I’ve finally done what I’ve tried countless times, I’ve installed Linux on my Home PC.

Normally when i attempt this, i get as far as installing the operating system to the point that i get to the desktop… then i give up because the wireless drivers aren’t native! But not this time :)

Well to be honest it wasnt that I sat down and worked really hard to get the drivers working, good ole fedora had the dell D410 drivers installed natively! great success! I decided on Fedora simply because after my CCNA next month my next exam will be a redhat exam, and seeing as Redhat is no longer free to download and use fedora was the next best thing. I’m loving this operating system, clean fresh and easy…ish to use.

Nothing like sitting infront of a computer and being an absolute expert, to sitting infront of my new laptop and feeling like a complete, and utter failure. See you in the fedora forums really soon, asking really stupid questions.

On a roll…

Well what with my recent success in exams, I decided its about time i sat my CCNA. I was working with Cisco routers and switches for about two years in the last place and it really would be a waste of knowledge not to sit this exam before I forget it all.

Man I didn’t realise how much i had forgotten until i managed to get my hands on a copy of packet tracer! Packet tracer is like a work bench where you can setup virtual servers, clients, printers switches routers… even wireless routers and test connectivity between the devices. The icing on the cake no less, is that you have an individual IOS and and terminal session on each device mimicking near exactly the actual routers connectivity.

On a side note, who ever invented sub-netting, bit pinching and network address shortening… I’d kick you in the face for making me do maths.